Shell & Waterwall Boiler

It is BSPL’s best-selling product ensuring maximum performance. Hybrid smoke and water tube design boiler, with specially designed combustor (namely fluidized bed combustion, bubbling bed combustion) to suit customer’s requirement. This ensures usage of multiple fuels in order to ensure maximum performance. Better response to fluctuating loads, large water holding capacity, high heat transfer area, quick start-up and lower heat loss makes it most efficient in the industry generating maximum profits for the customers.



  • Three-pass boiler with Shell & WaterWall type design.
  • MP-4 & MP-5 Design WaterWall with Swaged for maximum heat transfer area and minimum heat loss.
  • Optimum steam space in the shell and water holding capacity. Hence better steam quality and response to load fluctuations.
  • Offers wide range of fuel feeding options:
    • Under bed feeding system for coal, lignite, saw dust.
    • Over bed feeding system for rice husk, pet coke.
  • Optional:
    • PLC controlled fuel feeding system.
    • In-bed coil tubes for FBC combustor to recover heat from radiant zone.
    • Pollution Control Equipment such as cyclones, bag filters etc.

Operating Range

  • Boiler capacity – From 0.3 to 25 TPH.
  • Standard working pressure – From 10.54 to 35 kg/cm2 (g).
  • Fuels – Coal, lignite, bagasse, wood chips, husk, agro-waste, etc.