Package Steam Boilers

It is an internal furnace Boiler with a 3- pass, fully wet back & smoke tube type design. The fuel feeding is through a charging door to keep the fire going via FD fan. Mainly designed to provide low cost heating with minimum operational complexity. Grates : Fire bar, Nozzle bed

  • Capacities available are from 0.5 TPH up to 3 TPH steam in single furnace design and up to 6 TPH steam in double furnace design.
  • Pressure range from 10.54 Kg/cm2 to 45 Kg/cm2. All boilers are designed as per Indian Boiler Regulations.
  • Various fuels such as coal, lignite, wood, rice husk & agro waste can be used. Fluidized bed combustion system is supplied to burn fuels such as rice husk and saw dust.

An induced draft fan is provided for proper combustion and balanced draft in the combustion chamber. Boilers are designed to ensure uniform distribution of thermal and mechanical stresses in heat transfer surfaces.


  • Minimum space required.
  • 3-pass fully wet back design for highest efficiency.
  • Easy for installation & commissioning.
  • Two fusible plugs are provided as final safety. 
  • Special fuel feeding arrangement can be made as per requirement


  • Food & Beverages
  • Dairy,Bakery
  • Drugs & Pharmaceuticals
  • Hotels,Hospitals
  • Agro Industries
  • Chemical & Petrochemical Industry
  • Leather
  • Plywood/Laminates
  • Packaging & Dry cleaning
  • Textiles
  • Concrete Blocks/Bricks

Oil/Gas fired

Capacity range from 0.5 TPH to 20 TPH. Available in both single and double furnace. Pressure range from 10.54 Kg/cm2 to 45 Kg/cm2.

  1. Package, 3-pass smoke tube, with fully wet back boiler.


  • Multi-fuel option - light oils/heavy oils/gases
  • High efficiency of about 88% to 92%
  • High dryness fraction steam increases usable heat 
  • Large water holding capacity

FBC Boiler with Water Wall Assembly

Unique design membrane water wall type boiler which combines the advantages of water tube & smoke tube designs. The radiation zone of the furnace is covered on five sides by water swaging tubes forming the first pass and the conventional smoke tube shell tubes lined up forming the second and third pass of flue gases. Thus, the water wall furnace recovers the radiation heat of the furnace and the smoke tube shell provides large water & steam holding capacities to give the maximum advantage. 

  • Compact, Economical Design
  • Capacity ranging from 1 TPH to 100 TPH 
  • Pressure Range from 10.54 kg/cm to 45 kg/cm2
  • High Fuel Flexibility
  • Combines the advantage of water tube and smoke tube designs
  • High thermal efficiency and low operating costs

Smoke cum Water tube boiler

  • Reliable & robust construction
  • Large furnace volume for high combustion efficiency
  • Easy to operate and maintain

Small Industrial Boiler

are multi-fuel fired having capacity of 0.3 TPH to 0.5 TPH at Pressure of 7 Kg/cm2. Easy to operate and maintain. Built as per IBR standards.